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Exclusive goodies being served at Saturday’s Birthday event…

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Lil’ business cards! These should help us spread the SPM word…

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StreetPass Manchester Announces Mario Kart May


Start Your Engines - Leading UK StreetPass Community, StreetPass Manchester, Announces Month Long Online Mario Kart Celebration.

May 1st 2014, Manchester, England – One of the UK’s leading Nintendo communities, StreetPass Manchester, have announced plans for a month-long, online celebration of all things Mario Kart, which they’re oh so creatively titled ‘Mario Kart May’.

That was a long meeting.

Anyway, the event! Online races, caption competitions, time trials, skill tests, Mario Kart May will test every facet of a Mario Karter’s ability, both on and off the track, and in both thumbs and brain. Success in these trials will see players earn points that will be amassed into a huge overall leaderboard, with the top players at the end of the month winning some fabulous prizes (As long as they’re a UK resident).

Obviously the online races will be a large draw for many. Taking place every Friday evening, with the community code announced at the beginning of the session, each Mario Kart 7 community will have specific weapon conditions to add a little spice to the karting.

Mario Kart May will also include a Mario Kart Wii send-off session before Nintendo Wi Fi servers are switched off forever. A great way to say goodbye to the old before ushering in the new glorious Mario Kart 8 era, which StreetPass Manchester will be celebrating in style at the end of Mario Kart May with its ‘Mario Kart Mega Meet’ on June 1st.

The Mario Kart Mega Meet will include challenges on every console Mario Kart title from Super to 8. More details on the StreetPass Manchester Mario Kart Mega Meet can be found here (, but it’s worth noting that participation in Mario Kart May is separate to the Mega Meet – UK residents can still participate in and win Mario Kart May even if Manchester is a bit of a trek for them.

Week 1:

Friday 2nd May - Frenzy Friday’s Bananas Only Race (MK7)
Sunday 4th May - Sunday’s Skill Challenge (MKWii)
Tuesday 6th May - Tuesday’s Time Trial Challenge (MK7)
Wednesday 7th May: Caption Contest

Week 2:

Friday 9th May - Frenzy Friday’s Shells Only Race (MK7)
Sunday 11th May - Sunday’s Skill Challenge (MK7)
Tuesday 13th May - Tuesday’s Time Trial Challenge (MKWii)
Wednesday 14th May - Caption Contest

Week 3:

Friday 16th May - Frenzy Friday’s Mushrooms Only Race (MK7)
Sunday 18th May - Sunday’s Skill Challenge (MKWii)
Monday 19th May - Wifi Multiplayer Sendoff (MKWii)
Tuesday 20th May - Tuesday’s Time Trial Challenge (MK7)
Wednesday 21st May - Caption Contest

Week 4:

Friday 23rd May - Frenzy Friday’s Bob-ombs Only Race (MK7)
Sunday 25th May - Sunday’s Skill Challenge (MK7)
Tuesday 27th May - Tuesday’s Time Trial Challenge (MKWii)
Wednesday 28th May - Caption Contest

Week 5:
Friday 30th May - Frenzy Friday’s All Items Race (MK7)
Sunday 1st June - MARIO KART MEGA MEET!

For more information about Mario Kart May please visit the official Facebook Event page here -

To stay up to date with Nintendo and Mario Kart events happening in your local area, keep peepers on


Streetpass Manchester is part of StreetPass UK. Run for fun by a small group of dedicated, independent Mancunian Nintendo fans the group’s key focus is to organize and endorse regular social gatherings of 3DS players and general Nintendo fans in the North Weat for fun and frolics. Past events have attracted in excess of 140 attendees with the most popular games being Mario Kart 7, Animal Crossing, Pokémon X&Y, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and the StreetPass games. Other recommended multiplayer titles include Luigi’s Mansion 2, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, Bomberman Blitz, Street Fighter IV 3D, and Tetris. James will also take on all Dead or Alive Dimensions and Kid Icarus Uprising challengers.

To keep up to date with StreetPass Manchester, please join the dedicated Facebok community -

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StreetPass Manchester was featured on the latest episode of Nintendo Unleashed!

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Not got one in situ, but here’s the Kirby hat which I made Bethles for Yule this year. As one of few original projects, I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, and how it was received at today’s Streetpass event!

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StreetPass Manchester’s Game of the Year 2013

Over the last two weeks members of the StreetPass Manchester Facebook group have been voting and discussing Nintendo’s handheld releases from the last twelve months in an attempt to come to a democratic decision as to what title we thought was the best to be released in 2013. Not an easy task, given the flood of brilliant software.

And it wasn’t a clean victory. While it quite swiftly became a two horse race they were two steeds running at a fairly similar pace, and even then there was room for intrigue around the middle of the table as another handful of games battled for their own spot.

But here is the list in full, with commentary from the members of StreetPass Manchester.


(tied) 7 – Steamworld Dig

The 3DS game I’ve enjoyed the most has been SteamWorld Dig. It’s pretty, sweet, clever, addictive and cheap. Y’all of y’all should get it! – Simon Ball

(tied) 7 - Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy

Out of 2013 Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy has to be it for me. Love the storyline, the gameplay is only average tho I think! Fire Emblem is my favourite series but I didn’t think that [Awakening] topped the GC and Wii one! – Andrew Crossland


6 – Luigi’s Mansion 2

Luigi’s mansion! The multiplayer is something I’ll always come back to. But basically I just enjoyed that game more than any other. Although to be fair, there were so many great games out this year! – Elizabeth McGroarty

Luigis mansion 2 for moi. the atmosphere was brilliant, luigi is just a brilliant character and the game displays his charm in so many little ways, a personal favourite is when he nervously hums the background music. Great puzzles, enjoyable gameplay and just sheer fun all round. I’m suprised it hasnt received as much love as it should be. – Steve Goff


5 – Bravely Default

Bravely default. Pokemon games are amazing and getting better and better. But BD, just blew everything out of the water and Im only 26 hours into it and haven’t even come up to a quarter of the way through! – Sean Towey

Its got to be Bravely Default for me. Immersive and interesting story and characters. Engaging battle strategies and quests. Plenty of hours of gameplay too, I’m still playing and know that I have a fair bit to go still probably. Ohhh And it looks BEAUTIFUL and the voice acting and soundtrack is the best I’ve personally heard in a handheld game. – Tia Sakura Eastwood


(tied) 4 – Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Monster Hunter, because it’s a great game. Also the fact it brought out a lot of hunters together which I hadn’t seen for the psp versions tbh. Lots of fun, decisions, choices, and monsters to slaughter on a bad day! – James Whittle

monster hunter, i cant thank the game enough really. it led to me coming to my first streetpass event. i met an awesome group of people that i get to game/drink with all the time. it really was a good eye opener and im eternally grateful for the doors that it opened. – Nick Stones

I went for MH3U. Pokemon and fire emblem were good, but didn’t have the hours that i put into MH. – Thomas Westwell

(tied) 4 - Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Best Zelda game on the DS series! Nostalgia of Link to the Past, beautifully drawn, great gameplay, good puzzles and an awesome soundtrack you need to plug into good speakers! – Andrew Hannay

Very close call between Zelda and Fire Emblem, the 3DS had very good releases all year, but Zelda takes the cake in my eyes. – Ben Howard

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. I had to give the top spot to this game, if only for the fact that it was the first Zelda game to really excite me since Wind Waker ten years ago. It was a perfect blend of nostalgic references to the excellent A Link To The Past, world-building content which firmly set this old Hyrule within the universe of the games that would follow and completely new content. The dungeons were very well designed and lacked the sluggish length that tended to come with the newer games, the new item rental system gave a true sense of a non-linear adventure and the characters really added a lot of new life to 1992’s iconic map of Hyrule. Also, the story had a level of depth beyond the usual good vs evil motifs, which is surprising for a Zelda game! – Alex Faulkie Faulkner

Part Link to the Past, part Portal, Link Between Worlds looks both backwards and forwards. Streamlining a franchise whilst also giving it new toys to play with, it really is a quite towering achievement, and I can see it becoming many people’s favourite Zelda game ever. – Lee Weedall


3 – Fire Emblem Awakening

Fire Emblem is definitely my game of the year. The gameplay is so addicting, and the story is awesome. The characters are amazing and well developed; it has so much content that has kept me busy for months! – Javi Vi

Fire Emblem for me. Even if I wasn’t already a hardcore fan, it’s such a stellar game with high production values, great gameplay and tons of do. – Vincent Lau

Fire Emblem straight up, too good. – James Mark Williams


2 – Animal Crossing: New Leaf

I went for Animal Crossing as I fully enjoyed it from the get go and it grabbed me back into the never ending of the game I used to enjoy XD was either AC or Pokemon but I went for AC in the end. – Frodo Booth

I had a few “top” games for 2013, but I absolutely have to say Animal Crossing. For the simple fact that I played all the other games, but I always come back to ACNL! I love the music, the little quirks, the freeness of it all, and of course the fact that it’s in real time, and goes through all the seasons! I like to play my games to relax, so ACNL is just perfect for that! – Jen Griffiths

Animal Crossing!  I just have major love for that game. I was thinking of picking Pokémon, but I haven’t played that in weeks! Whereas I’ve only missed literally one day of playing Animal Crossing since the day I got it. I’m 100% invested in my town and my animals. It’s more like a commitment than a game, but even then, it certainly doesn’t feel like a chore. – Lindsey Stewart

Animal Crossing. Great addition to the series with a high replay value. – Marilyn Nyhoff

I chose Animal Crossing: New Leaf because I love both the game and the series! – David Ames

Animal Crossing for me, because I just can’t put it down! I paid off all my house, but then you get the next level of themeing your whole house, so now I’m into trying to catalog as much as I can; recently the snowman business has seen me visiting other ppls towns a lot more, and just a further hook to play EVERYDAY – Nichola Louise Homer

If it was bang for the buck the Animal Crossing all the way, something to do in each month keeps you coming back for more, but with decent streetpass and online features too that makes it a complete package – Vincent Jung


1 – Pokemon X/Y

I voted for X and Y. Animal Crossing was fun for a while, and both my daughters also loved it, but it didn’t hold my interest for as long as previous versions did. I played the Gamecube version for well over a year, but with this one I got bored soon after paying off the whole house.

With X and Y I’ve had more of an online interaction with others, and it’s something that I have been able to play together with my eldest daughter. We’ve enjoyed the games together and have decided to play the older ones in pairs together. – Chris Joyce

went for Pokémon X & Y. Played every main series Pokémon gane since i was a kid and this gen just totally changed the image of Pokémon forever IMO, it’s also the only one where i’ve managed to finish the story and still have things that make me want to continue playing – Jake Tierney

Went for X and Y. I’ve played Pokemon since Gen III (best time to start, lol) and haven’t looked back since, X and Y just looks stunning, bringing new Pokemon to the table and reviving older ones with Mega Evolutions. Even Charizard no longer looks like a joke. After-game is definitely lacking like Ben Howard said, but if your a collector or a competitive battler, you will be spending a long time on these games. Luigi’s Mansion 2 is a close competitor to me, it has humor and charm to it, aswell as the little details that are thrown into it, great nomanie, but Pokemon takes more of my time. – Jason Finch

X & Y aren’t just a step in the right direction, they’re a monumental leap forward. Have to be my game of the year, though I have to agree that Bravely Default is outstanding. If I wasn’t so much of a Pokémon nut (over 430 hours already) then I’d have probably gone for Bravely Default as well. – Chris Barton

Do I really need to give a reason? It’s Pokémon, for goodness’ sake! Only the most truly engaging competitive game series alongside Smash Bros.! Every generation, the strategy sandbox gets wider and wider with new monsters and new attacks with new effects, allowing for more options and more ways to come up with your perfect team. The new Fairy type has served as an interesting new ingredient in the mix, too. The new features that are built into each new set of games make interacting with other players easier and more prolific. There hasn’t been a game series that’s brought players together quite like Pokémon. Also, while others may disagree, I think the designs of the Pokémon themselves get more creative in each generation, and it certainly shows in X & Y as the designers have been looking further afield for inspiration (Namely France and other parts of Europe), like they did in the previous generation with America, instead of simply taking from their native Japan. And to top it all off, X & Y got a simultaneous worldwide release! It’s extremely rare that that happens and you can’t argue against it. – John Bowley

IMO the newest addition to the Pokemon franchise is by far the most ground breaking and revolutionary step that Ninty have taken with the series in a LOOOONG time. Even people I know who haven’t touched Pokemon since gen 2 have picked this up just by looks alone. Even to this day there are still some tiny little details I hadn’t noticed before that amazed me (though lets be honest that isn’t difficult to do lol) and that be why I choose Pokemanz. Just wishing they had implemented the whole Pokemon walking behind you thing. That would have been amazing – Bex Smith

I chose Pokemon because I haven’t enjoyed the series this much since GSC (I thought RSE were a let-down and BW/BW2 weren’t the big shake-up we were promised) The decision to use 3D graphics was the right one and I love the little touches, such as trainer customisation. – Ange La

Because Pokemon. – Chris Shepley

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StreetPass Manchester Invites All to Celebrate the 3DS’ Amazing 2013 with a Mammoth Quiz

December 6th 2013, Manchester - Green may be the colour of the Grinch, but it’s also the colour of StreetPass, so get your festive self to StreetPass Manchester’s Christmas Party and celebrate the wonderful Nintendo year that has been 2013!

This event is intended to be a little more chill than recent gatherings, giving us all an opportunity to actually talk and maybe - perhaps, possibly, slim chance – to play some video games.

There’s going to be a Quiz, some Mario Kart, and a spot of Smash Bros., all with some lovely prizes to be won. And of course there will be people enjoying a spot of Pokémon, Animal Crossing, Monster Hunter, Tetris, and whatever other 3DS based delights take their fancy (Kid Icarus anyone? No?) – it’s a party, enjoy yourself!

Tinsel not required.


——SPM’s 2013 Mario Kart 7 Special Cup——
After a year of intense competition – of blue shells, photo finishes and colourful language – StreetPass Manchester’s 2013 Mario Kart season comes to an end with this, the Special Cup. Who will take home this final trophy?

——SPM’s Big Fat Quiz of the Nintendo Year——
Avoiding the jokes in between the rounds, StreetPass Manchester celebrates the eclectic year of 2013 with a grand quiz focusing on the avalanche of titles we’ve had to play and enjoy in 2013.

——SPM’s Crossland-Pleasing Smash Bros Brawl Bash——
Andrew Crossland wants to play Smash Bros, so let’s play Smash Bros! Using the game’s in-built tournament mode there will be an intense one vs. one, no items battle royale. 2014 will be the year of Smash Bros 4, so let’s board the hype train early, choo choo! Meta Knight players will be glared at.



Streetpass Manchester is part of StreetPassUK. Run by a small group of dedicated, independent Mancunian Nintendo fans the group’s key focus is to organise and endorse regular social gatherings of 3DS players. Past events have attracted in excess of 140 attendees with the most popular games being Mario Kart 7, Animal Crossing, Pokémon, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Luigi’s Mansion 2, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Zelda: Four Swords Adventures, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, and Tetris. James will also take on all Dead or Alive Dimensions challengers. Information on all StreetPass Manchester events, and articles on past meets, can be located at

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Location to be announced this week. It’ll be somewhere with comfy seats, near the city centre.

No tournaments.
No competitions.
Just games.

Incoming mini meet! These smaller gatherings create an organised excuse to gather, play games and chat. Considering the meet is in such close proximity to the release of the new Legend of Zelda title, A Link Between Worlds, the meet will give those of us partial to the adventures of the green garbed one a chance to chat about his new adventure, as well as reminisce on Zelda quests of old.

Not into Zelda? Then why not enjoy a Sunday afternoon of Poké battling, Monster Hunting, or Animal Crossing? Sound off on the event page if you have any specific requests (Bomberman anyone?) and just come along for a day of fun with your fellow Ninty gamers!